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COBie UK Standards and Tempates

Better facilities or asset management is one of the primary reasons for BIM.

The documentation and processes that help transition design and construction information for facilities management is therefore an essential step in BIM.

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) has been developed for this transition.

What is COBie UK 2012?

Very simplistically, handover information on building completion, traditionally known as operations and maintenance manuals, are documented in an electronic format (e.g. within in a spreadsheet).

However, the data is in sufficient detail so that it can be later used by facilities managers, owners or any future design team consultants to identify information on building components and assets that can be linked back to the original BIM model used in the construction process.

“COBie is formal schema that helps organise information about new and existing facilities. It is general enough that it can be used to document both Buildings and Infrastructure assets. It is simple enough that it can be transmitted using a spreadsheet. It is means of sharing structured information, just like CDM and BIM.”  BIM Task Group

Download Example Files

COBie-UK-2012 document, the template and example files (zip file) are here – COBie-UK-2012
(REVISED 31/07/12)

COBie can be used to document product data to support the specification/selection/replacement process.

There are many COBie templates available in different file formats such as COBie, HTML, XHTML, IFC and IFCXML.

* COBie is freely available. The COBie standards and licence can be found at the BuildingSmart Alliance  website where it is defined as the FM Handover model view definition (MVD) http://www.buildingsmartalliance.org/docs/BSADOC_COBIE/index.htm