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A collection of videos on policies and standards from professional institutions to respected organisations.

The AEC (UK) CAD Standards

The AEC (UK) Standards started out as a set of guides and common practice rules for creating drawings and associated design information using CAD.

The voluntary standards also had descriptions on the communication of information, such as drawings and specifications, between different parties.

The CAD standards have since been updated to reference BIM.

What the AEC standards do now is assist designers to use common technical terms, as they did before, but with reference information on how to manage BIM projects using a ‘BIM Execution Plan.’

There are pointers on making sure that someone is in control of the BIM process – the new role of a ‘BIM Manager’; ensuring that people are appropriately trained on systems and software being used; and agreeing when information should be available along the design timeline.

AEC UK skills matrix


They also include reference points for the types of questions that should be asked of the non-design team people involved in a project or could be involved, that is ‘stakeholders’ such as clients and facilities managers.

Part of the point of this is to assist with managing the BIM model development and completion, whilst simultaneously asking potential beneficiaries of the BIM model to make clear what additional information they would like to see added to the model – the ‘information’ in Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The standards are freely distributed.