Targeting BIM Savings of 20%

There are several reasons for the introduction of BIM by the government, one of the main reasons is to deliver 20% savings on construction projects.

This is a summary of how those savings are defined:

“The 20% efficiency stretch referred to in the Government Construction Strategy will be achieved through the successful applications of a mixture of all initiatives set out within the strategy (not just BIM) each one contributing towards the target saving. The 20% saving refers to CapEx cost savings however we know that the largest prize for BIM lies in the Operational stages of the project life-cycle. The Government Construction Strategy seeks to unlock both of these benefits.” BIM Task Group

The Government Construction Strategy was launched in May 2011.

The Strategy document was updated in July 2012 – One Year On Report and Action Plan Update.

This update included references to cost benchmarking data that had begun to be released by the higher spending central public authorities where the target savings could start to be identified – Government Construction cost benchmarks and cost reduction trajectories.